Saturday, July 20, 2024

New Born Baby Named ‘Biparjoy’ in Indian State of Gujrat

A trend of naming babies after some celebrity or important event seems to have impressed an Indian Family such that they decided to name their newborn after cyclone ‘Biparjoy’.

The highlight of every news these days, Cyclone Biparjoy originated over Arabian Sea and headed towards Karachi coastline and India’s western coast. All the necessary measures have been taken by both the states to avoid any disastrous effects.

Keeping with the popularity of the most anticipated cyclone, Bangladesh named it ‘Biparjoy’. The word means ‘Disaster’ in Bengali language.

The family who named the child after the cyclone was also evacuated from their hometown in Gujrat to a safer place. After the birth of their baby daughter, the mother decided to name her ‘Biparjoy’.

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