Sunday, April 14, 2024

New International Airport of Gwadar will be completely operational by September 2023

The Chinese Parliamentary Committee on the Economic Corridor of Pakistan (CPEC), as it is known, will be fully operating by September 2023 with regard to the progress made on New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA).

At the meeting conducted this afternoon under the chairmanship of its chairman, Sher Ali Arbab, the Aviation Secretary told the CPEC Parliamentary Committee.

APP has pointed out that Gwadar is an important portal for CPEC and undoubtedly a significant part of CPEC’s fundamental logic.

The President commented that “We must prioritise the resolution of all the outstanding clean water, energy, infrastructure, and living conditions facing the people of Gwadar, hence no effort should be spared.” The president commented.

The President of the Gwadar Port Authority assured us that all efforts to achieve Pak-China Institute are well under way and that the project will be completed in December 2021. The project will be completed.

In order to design an extensive curriculum for the Institute, the Gwadar Port Authority consults with NAVTTC, the TEVTA and Chinese.

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