Saturday, December 2, 2023

New Revelation about Titan Submarine by American Bahria

A senior U.S. Navy official has made a new discovery about the submarine in an interview with the American journal about the Nighton disaster.

According to foreign media reports, a US Navy official told the US journal that the Titan submarine was detected to be destroyed soon after it went missing.

The US official said a high-secret intelligence system was used to search for Titan.

The official told the US newspaper that the recording was recorded by the submarine’s movement monitoring system. The recording was recorded from an area close to Titan’s disappearance.

A U.S. Navy official said a sound similar to an explosion under the sea was reported to the Coast Guard commander, but there was no conclusive evidence of the submarine being destroyed, so the search operation continued.

In which the company’s CEO Stockton Rush, two Pakistanis Prince Dawood and his son Suleiman Dawood, along with Hamish Harding and Paul Henry Nargiolet have confirmed the death.

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