Friday, April 19, 2024

NHA approves award of works for Lodhran-Multan section, two flyovers

The NHA (National Highways Authority) Executive penal has agreed for the award of works for constructing Lodhran-Multan segment and constructing the two flyovers at railway crossings to M/s NXCC-NCC-MS JV at Rs 6.886 billion (Joint project of M/s Ningxia Communication Construction Co Ltd – Nauman Construction Company Ltd – Muhammad Sajjad (Pvt) Ltd).

According to the news, Captain Muhammad Khurram Agha (retired), Chairman NHA, led the meeting with the NHA’s Executive penal. The Board considered upon giving the award of construction of Lodhran–Multan Section (North Bound 62 Km) of N-5 and construction of two flyovers at Railway Crossings on Lodhran Bypass.

The NHA Executive penal  then acknowledged the honor for works of the most minimal assessed bidder, M/s NXCC-NCC-MS JV, at their assessed bid cost of Rs 6.886 billion, which is 26.03 percent beneath the engineer’s gauge of Rs 9.308 billion.

The NHA Executive Board additionally supported the award of works for enlarging and reinforcing of National Highway N-70 (Rakhi GajjBewata) (East West Road Improvement Project), Package-II: From Km 19+500 to Km 32+650 (GoP/PSDP Funded) to M/s KAC-UCC JV (Joint Venture of M/s Khattak Allied Construction Co and M/s Ugalco Construction Co – Joint Venture) at their assessed bid cost of Rs 1.110 billion, which is 27.06 percent beneath the engineer’s estimate of Rs 1.521 billion..

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