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Nigar Nazar becomes the First professional Female Cartoonist of Pakistan

Nigar Nazar is a brilliant, sparkling star in the man’s universe of animation and cartoon strips in Pakistan. She is a capable and talented artist who has the workmanship of Gogi Studios that is based on a popular character Gogi.

During her initial days in this profession she explored different avenues regarding funny cartoons and activity like animation and comic; however, now in educational institutes she offers the live cartooning workshops.

Her work highlights the issues regarding the domestic violence, women’s rights, anti-corruption, environment, and the religious tolerance. The education issues for girls are also highlighted by her comics. Her art is used as a platform as to educate others and for creating the awareness for grassroot level of the country.

The comic character that she has made named “Gogi” is with short bob hair, polka dotted shirt, and bubbly girl style that breaks all the stereotypes for how women should carry themselves in private as well as public. It is the idea that through cartoon how a girl’s issues are highlighted and solutions to it are also there. Gogi character has a high influence and impact on others that reflects positivity.

Nigar has earned reputation in international industry because of her work as how she presents the social issues through animated characters. She also had many opportunities to appear on international conferences and shows where she also said that she feels proud to represent her country Pakistan in a positive way.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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