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Nimra Ahmed Novels – Everything that You Need to Know About the Author and Novels

Almost all readers know that Nimra Ahmed comes to the list of famous novel writers of Pakistan. Nimra Ahmed has provided the best novels to the audience. She has focused especially on morality, ethics, and moral values. You are on the right page if you are searching for the Nimra Ahmed best novels.

About Nimra Ahmed and her Journey

Nimra Ahmed is a Pakistani writer. She worked as a novels writer, Author, and screenwriter for the Pakistani industry. Her novels have a speciality in attracting readers and absorbing their attention. Reader love to read her novels again and again. She is famous for writing romantic novels.

Nimra Ahmed started her journey of writing Novels at the age of sixteen. The first novel/book was titled “MERE KHWAAB MERE JUGNOO”. The second edition, also written by Nimra Ahmed, known as “SAANS SKAIN THI”. This novel is based on a story about a cricketer.

The 3rd edition of his writing journey is “Pahari ka Qaidi” written in a dramatic style. The other edition was based on the love story of two mountaineers from Pakistan and Turkey called “THE TAJ MAHAL OF KRARAKORAM”.

In 2011, she wrote another novel that acted as a milestone in her whole writing journey and was titled “MUSHAF”. This novel got very famous. It was also published in India. In 2012, she started publishing another novel in Shua Digest named “JANAT KE PATAY”. This novel was the best-selling novel in 2013.

In 2014, a masterpiece novel was written by her called “NAMAL”. This novel is based on a suspense story on blood and heart connection. It was written with the riddles of the Quran. This novel takes her on the list of best Pakistani digest writers. In May 2016, Haleem novel was launched about politics science fiction. It also addresses broken relationships and taboos.

Nimra Ahmed Best Novels

Nimra Ahmed has written a lot of novels and screen stories. Some of her best novel’s list is given below.

Mere Khwaab Mere Jugno

Mere Khwaab Mere Jugno has written by Nimra Ahmed and comes on the list of her best novels. This novel was a socio romantic novel. It was based on romance and trust. “Mere Khwaab Mere Jugno” is consists of 95 pages. The online novel size is about 23.05 MB.

Mere Khwaab Mere Jugno Novel By Nimra Ahmed


It is the shortest novel by Nimra Ahmed. This is a romantic and funny novel. In this novel, an unsatisfied girl is described who is not happy with the incidents happening in her life. The story consists of 43 pages.

Pahari Ka Qaidi

It is a short novel having only 38 pages. It was firstly published in Shuhaa magazine. This novel got famous in a short time by the reader. Upon a huge request, it is also available in PDF format. This novel provides a moral lesson.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal

Karakoram ka Taj Mahal is another famous novel by Nimra Ahmed whose story consists of strong characters, including crisp dialogues and mountain climbing that capture readers’ attention. However, the story’s ending is not much good, and Nimra Ahmed admitted this thing that she also does not want to end like.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal

Sans Sakin Thi

In this novel, a socio romantic love story is described that goes around a teenage girl who works on the Pakistan cricket board in Qadafi Stadium, Lahore. This novel also highlights the various social issues of a society interestingly.

Sans Sakin Thi


Paras’ novel is also full of suspense and thrills. Nimra Ahmed published this novel after the publication of Jannat Ke Patay. This novel consists of 208 pages. This novel is short as compared to Namal and Jannat like Patty.


Belu Rajputan ki Malika

It has been written with strong research and advanced literary skills. In this novel, Nimra discusses the story of a Rajput woman, whose husband passed away in an accident. She faced many social problems from her in-laws and society but was never disappointed and left his husband home.

So, this novel teaches women that never lose hope and hope for the best.

Belu Rajputan ki Malika


Mushaf is also an Urdu novel based on fiction adventurous and religious. Its story revolves around a girl whose father was died in her childhood. Her uncles seize her property by force and don’t treat her and her mother in a bad way. She started perusing QURAN in her life, which helped her come out from the hopeless life.



Nimra Ahmed Urdu’s novel “Namal” was released on January 1, 2019. It consists of two parts. The story of Namal is forward, including Quran riddles. In this novel, she describes a suspense story.


This novel revolves around a pollical leader named Fateh and a con artist named Talia Murad. Haleem consists of 20 episodes. This novel highlights characters’ lives, challenges that they face, their strengths and weaknesses, and their skills.


Jannat Ke Patay

You can download this free of cost from different websites. It consists of 1000 pages. This novel described how only one verse of the Quran could change the modern girl’s life.

Jannat Ke Patay

Nimra Ahmed Bookstore

Nimra Ahmed as a Novelist not only provides quality content but also through her novels, she has addressed women empowerment. For the easiness of her audience, she launched her bookstore in March 2016 named Zanjabeel. From launching her bookstore, she opened ways of women employment.

Zanjabeel is an online bookstore. Readers can find out what they want to read of their choice. They can purchase books, novels, and digest from here every month.


Urdu Novel writing is a challenging task that requires sheer dedication, engagement, absorption, and interest. As a novelist, Nimra Ahmed has contributed a large to retaining the interest of studying and reading novels alive in the youth, especially for the Pakistani youth of today.

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