Monday, April 15, 2024

Nine Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays Expected for Public this Year in UAE

Eidul Fitr is a special time for Muslims in Pakistan and around the world, eagerly awaited throughout the year for its joyous celebrations. This year, residents of the United Arab Emirates are in for a treat with up to nine holidays to mark the occasion.

The government of the Middle Eastern state has officially declared Eidul Fitr holidays from April 8 to April 12. These five-day holidays will kick off after the weekend and conclude before the start of the following weekend.

With Eid holidays sandwiched between two weekends, people in the UAE will have the luxury of enjoying a total of nine days off, spanning from April 6 to April 14.

Similar to other Gulf nations, Pakistan will also observe Eid holidays, granting people time off from work. This year, Eid is expected to fall on April 10 or 11. The official Eid holidays will be from April 10 to April 12, followed by the weekend. This extended five-day Eid holiday period allows people to celebrate the occasion to the fullest.

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