Thursday, June 1, 2023

No Bilateral Cricket with Pakistan: BCCI Rejects Sethi’s Test Series Proposal

India and Pakistan, known for their intense cricket rivalry, have been unable to play regular matches due to political tensions between the two countries. Their last bilateral series was in 2013, and they have not played a Test series in 16 years. To break this long drought, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Najam Sethi proposed the idea of a Test series at a neutral venue such as Australia, England, or South Africa.

Sethi believed that England would be the best choice, followed by Australia, as they would attract a significant number of spectators. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) rejected the proposal, stating that there are no plans for a bilateral series with Pakistan in the near future.

The BCCI official emphasized that there are no plans for any kind of series with Pakistan, expressing that India is not ready for a bilateral series at this time. The rejection of the proposal implies that the rivalry between the two teams will continue to be limited to encounters in ICC or ACC tournaments, with no immediate prospects of a Test series.

The political tensions and historical context between India and Pakistan have created significant challenges for cricketing ties between the two nations, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the possibility of a bilateral series in the future.

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