Saturday, July 20, 2024

“No Dam in Last 40 Years” the Root Cause of Flood Year on Year in Pakistan

The repetitive devastating floods in Pakistan year after year can be attributed to the absence of enough dam construction in the past four decades. Lack of proper water management infrastructure has aggravated the impact of heavy monsoon rains and snowmelt, leading to the widespread flooding and destruction of lives and property.

In the absence of large-scale dams to store excess water during the monsoon season, the country remains vulnerable to the destructive forces of nature. A well-planned dam system could effectively control water flow, regulate river levels, and prevent catastrophic floods.

It would also provide a reliable water supply for irrigation, power generation, and domestic use during dry periods. The failure to invest in such crucial infrastructure has resulted in frequent cycle of floods, leading to immense human suffering and economic losses.

The issue can be addressed by urgently constructing dams and implementing a comprehensive water management strategy is vital to alleviate the devastating impacts of floods.

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