Saturday, December 2, 2023

No M-Tag, No Motorway After 31 Dec

The National Highway Authority has a new rule for cars on the motorway. Now, all vehicles must have something called an M-Tag, according to the National Highways and Motorway Police.

This rule starts in 2024. If your car doesn’t have an M-Tag after December 31, 2023, you will have to pay fines. The goal is to make toll plaza operations smoother, reduce traffic, and make the air cleaner.

Getting an M-Tag is easy. Just go to a Toll Plaza booth on the motorway with your ID, driver’s license, and car papers. They’ll give you the M-Tag for free. Stick it on the top right corner inside your car’s front window. To check your M-Tag, text “MTAG” and your ID number to 9909.

If you need more money on your M-Tag, you can do it in different ways like using scratch cards, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, U-Paisa, or the M-2 Customer Care Centre.

You can buy Rs. 200 or Rs. 500 scratch cards at motorway entry/exit points or resting areas. If you want to know how much money you have, text “Balance” and your M-Tag ID to 9909.

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