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No Other Country Rivals China in Sports Management, Pakistan’s Volleyball Squad Captain

“I believe that there will be an amazing experience. And I’d like to thank the Chinese government to give us a chance to play in this amazing facility,” said Issanaye Ramires Ferraz, Pakistan’s Brazilian volleyball coach.

This is Issanaye’s first visit to China and he’s got very excited. “Our preparation is going very well, and I hope we will play every match till the final,” Issanaye said, adding that “I don’t like to say that we have one great player. We have team work. That is our philosophy. We will work as a team to give Pakistan a high performance and get good results.”

“Before this, we have played the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship. Compared to that, our team is fit now, in terms of ball skills and physical fitness. Our head coach is also satisfied with our training. We expect to stand on the victory stand,” said Mubashir Raza Watto, captain of Pakistan’s national volleyball team.

“We went to China for the World Military Games. We got a bronze medal. If I talk about the management of China, their management is very good, in terms of food, in terms of accommodation. They treat us very well. In terms of sports, I don’t think there is a better country than China that manages it so well,” Mubashir added.

The men’s and women’s volleyball competitions started on Sept. 19 and will last through Oct. 7 across four venues in Hangzhou, China.

Pakistan’s biggest achievement in the Asian Games volleyball history is their third-place finish in the 1962 Jakarta Asian Games. In the last Asian Games held in Indonesia in 2018 Pakistan finished eighth.

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