Monday, July 15, 2024

No Petrol Availability From July 5 in Pakistan, Petroleum Dealers Announce Nationwide!

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced a nationwide petrol pump strike on July 5. This action is in response to the government’s new 0.5% advance tax on petrol sales. Chairman Abdul Sami Khan expressed serious concerns about the impact of this new tax.

He stated that the combination of this tax, minimal profit margins, and high inflation is putting severe pressure on their business. According to Khan, the dealers are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain their operations under these conditions.

Despite several meetings with the Finance Minister, the association has not received any satisfactory solutions or assurances. The dealers feel that their concerns are not being adequately addressed by the government.

Khan has urged the government to abolish the 0.5% advance tax within four days to avoid the planned strike. He highlighted the potential negative consequences of the strike, stressing that running petrol pumps at a loss is not a viable option for the dealers. If the tax is not removed, the dealers will proceed with the strike, which could disrupt petrol supply across the country.

The planned strike could have significant implications for the public and the economy. Petrol pumps closing nationwide would cause widespread inconvenience and could potentially lead to shortages.

Khan emphasized that the strike is a last resort and that the dealers are hoping the government will take immediate action to address their concerns and prevent the strike from happening.

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