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No Traffic Challans from 5pm Till Iftar in karachi

Karachi Traffic Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ahmed Nawaz has issued new guidelines to the traffic officers for the Ramadan month.

He has instructed them not to issue traffic tickets to commuters who are rushing home from 5 pm until the time of iftar, which is the evening meal to break the fast.

The main objective behind these directives is to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, allowing people to reach their homes in time to break their fast with their families.

Instead of penalizing minor traffic violations with tickets, officers are advised to give warnings to families traveling together. This approach is aimed at minimizing stress and inconvenience for fasting commuters during the crucial hours leading up to iftar.

DIG Nawaz emphasized the importance of addressing one-way violations, which are a significant cause of road accidents and traffic disruptions.

By focusing on these specific violations, the traffic police aim to enhance road safety and maintain a consistent traffic flow throughout the city.

In addition to the above directives, DIG Nawaz highlighted the issue of improper parking, particularly of rickshaws, cars, and motorcycles at turning points.

Such parking habits can obstruct the smooth movement of vehicles and pose a risk to road users. Traffic officers are instructed to monitor and prevent such parking violations to ensure the safety and convenience of all commuters.

To maintain transparency and accountability in their operations, DIG Nawaz has mandated that traffic officers without body-worn cameras should not issue tickets.

This measure aims to ensure that all interactions and transactions between traffic officers and commuters are recorded and can be reviewed if necessary.

To avoid unnecessary gatherings and distractions on the roads, traffic personnel are advised not to assemble in groups while on duty.

Strict enforcement of the fast lane on Sharea Faisal is also planned, with a particular focus on directing motorcyclists to use the by-lanes, ensuring a smooth and efficient traffic flow during the crucial hours leading up to iftar.

DIG Nawaz directed the traffic officials to designate specific times for car lifting, which will only be done in case of double parking or illegal parking.

He warned that officers found misbehaving with citizens will face departmental action, reinforcing the importance of professionalism and respect in their interactions with the public.

These directives by DIG Ahmed Nawaz reflect a considerate and proactive approach by the Karachi Traffic Police to cater to the needs of the public during the Ramadan month, ensuring a safe and convenient commuting experience for all.

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