Sunday, July 21, 2024

Non-Bailable Arrest Warrant Issued Against Imran Khan in Woman Judge threat Case.

Judicial Magistrate Malik Aman heard the case against Imran Khan for threatening female judge Zeba Chaudhry.

Civil Judge Malik Aman has reserved the verdict in the woman judge threat case against Imran Khan.

The judge rejected Imran Khan’s application for exemption from appearance today and ordered him to appear before the court on April 18.

Prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi opposed Imran Khan’s request for exemption from appearance today.

Prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi said that non-bailable arrest warrants were then issued, his application for exemption from appearance was not only signed by his signature, only his lawyers.

Earlier, former prime minister Imran Khan’s lawyers requested to maintain the bailable warrant.

Imran Khan has been summoned to give copies of the case in the female judge threat case.

The sessions court had converted Imran Khan’s non-bailable warrant into a bailable warrant.

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