Sunday, July 14, 2024

North Nazimabad’s ‘cool’ commissioner wants to turn flyovers vacant spaces into multi-functional sports complexes

North Nazimabad Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar is currently working on a unique project that innovatively utilises unoccupied government spaces for promoting recreational, sports, healthy, and fun activities for the people of his area.

Karachi has many flyovers and overhead bridges but the spaces under them are either lying vacant or become garbage dumping sites.

The idea of turning this area into a sports court was first executed in the metropolis by Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab under Cant Bridge. The space was creatively turned into a colourful basketball court.

This was initially inspired by a video shared by an Indian citizen who showed how the area under an overhead bridge was made a play area to provide the youth with a platform for healthy activities.

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  1. good initiatives… but it’s not necessary to copy their themes / projects…its a way think how more you can facilitate to civilians / nation.

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