Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Norwegian-Pakistani Biker’s World Tour Promotes Tourism in Pakistan

Ziyauddin Shinwari, a 59-year-old Pakistani-Norwegian biker, has embarked on a remarkable world tour on his motorbike, starting from Oslo, Norway. His mission is to promote tourism in Pakistan and showcase the country’s beauty to the world.

Originally hailing from Pirokhel, a small town in Landikotal, Shinwari has resided in Oslo for the past two decades. Despite having travelled extensively by air and bus, he has always nurtured a dream of exploring the world on his beloved motorbike, named Leo.

Shinwari’s journey is fueled by a desire to inspire others to engage in a more budget-friendly form of tourism and explore the wonders of Pakistan. His ambitious plan involves visiting every historical and tourist site in the country, aiming to capture the essence of these places through his vlogs and storytelling.

As a content creator and passionate tourist, he seeks to portray a tourist-friendly image of Pakistan, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and natural landscapes.

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