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Not a Single Unit of Honda Civic Sold in March 2023

Unsurprisingly, not a single Honda Civic was sold in Pakistan in March 2023. The Honda Civic has been a well-liked choice among consumers for many years, so this revelation has shocked the nation’s auto industry.

Sources claim that the recent increase in car prices in Pakistan, along with the present economic depression the nation is experiencing, is to blame for the lack of sales. Honda Civic demand has dramatically decreased due to the rising costs, which have made it more difficult for buyers to afford the automobile.

Industry experts think introducing newer, less expensive alternatives is also responsible for this fall in sales. Customers increasingly seek affordable options for high-end vehicles like the Honda Civic as the automotive industry changes.

Honda Pakistan is still excited about the prospects for the Civic in Pakistan despite the lack of sales in March. The business intends to release a new, more reasonably priced model of the vehicle soon to lure in more customers.

In a notice to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company stated that it was “not in a position to continue with its production” and that its supply chain had been “severely disrupted.”Honda will probably continue to experience sales difficulties in the future as a result of this miserable situation.

March 9 through March 31 marked the most recent manufacturing halt. At the same time, the current prolonged shutdown will continue until April 15.

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