Monday, May 27, 2024

Not a Single Unit of Honda Civic Sold in the Last 3 Months

In a surprising turn of events, no one has bought even a single unit of Civic in the previous 3 months. Honda Atlas Cars, one of the biggest automobile companies, has faced a striking fall in the sale of their most popular Honda Civic.

Startling industry owners and analysts, the company has reported zero sale of Civic owing to the supply chain problems and import restrictions. Moreover, the prices of Honda vehicles have surged to a great extent affecting the sales.

As per the recent update the company sold only 87 vehicles in the last month. The company will continue production soon. The decision has been made after improving the accessibility of trade financing facilities, however, the exact date has not been revealed.

The statistics reflect the grappling period of the company. Despite the falling trends in sales, Honda is determined to resume its operations and gain the faith of customers. Will the company be able to regain Honda Civic’s former glory is yet to be witnessed.

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