Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Now Dubai Motorists Can Get Driving License in 2 Clicks

Dubai drivers now have the convenience of accessing their driving licenses with just a few clicks. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently reminded residents about the option to add their licenses to their Apple wallets. This new feature eliminates the need to carry physical cards.

However, many Dubai residents already store photos of their driving licenses on their smartphones or keep digital versions in their files as a backup. Nevertheless, incorporating the digital card into the iPhone wallet further simplifies the process. By simply double clicking the side button of their iPhones, users can open the E-wallet and instantly view their license alongside other cards. By opening the “My License” tab, a digital version of the card will be readily available.

Adding the license to the Apple Wallet is an effortless task. Users will find a clearly labeled button below the license that says “Add to Apple Wallet.” With a simple click, the license is transferred to the E-wallet, ensuring quick and convenient access whenever necessary.

Furthermore, Apple users can also add their vehicle licenses to the Apple Wallet, expanding the functionality of this feature. It is important to note that this option is currently exclusive to Apple users.

This new digital license feature brings peace of mind to Dubai drivers, as they no longer need to worry about forgetting or misplacing their physical cards. The convenience of having licenses readily accessible on their smartphones eliminates the burden of carrying additional documents.

Dubai’s RTA continues to innovate and enhance the overall experience for residents by embracing digital solutions like the integration with Apple Wallet. These advancements simplify daily tasks and make them more efficient, further improving the lives of Dubai residents.

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