Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Now Freelancers in Pakistan Can Open HBL Digital Account Instantly

HBL is opening new opportunities for freelancers, and introduced the Freelancer Digital Account, allowing freelancers in Pakistan to streamline their financial transactions and enjoy a range of benefits. This convenient and hassle-free process offers features like Payoneer integration, multiple currency account options, debit cards, and exciting discounts.

Easy Application Process:

To take advantage of the Freelancer Digital Account, freelancers can simply visit HBL’s webpage and navigate to the Digital Banking section. From there, they can select the HBL Digital Account and apply instantly, specifically choosing the Freelancer option. The account opening process is quick and efficient, enabling freelancers to begin using their account without delay.

Benefits of HBL Freelancer Digital Account:

  1. Payoneer Integration: The Freelancer Digital Account integrates seamlessly with Payoneer, a popular global payment platform used by freelancers worldwide. This integration allows freelancers to receive funds directly into their HBL account, simplifying their payment processes.
  2. Multiple Currency Account Options: HBL’s Freelancer Digital Account provides freelancers with the flexibility of maintaining accounts in multiple currencies, including PKR, GBP, Euro, and USD. This feature enables freelancers to conveniently manage their earnings and transactions in their preferred currency.
  3. Debit Cards: Account holders will have access to HBL’s debit cards, empowering them to make secure and convenient transactions at various local and international merchants. The debit card can be used for online shopping, cash withdrawals, and everyday expenses.
  4. Exciting Discounts: The Freelancer Digital Account opens doors to exclusive discounts and offers from partner merchants, allowing freelancers to enjoy savings on various products and services. These benefits enhance the overall value of the account and provide additional perks to freelancers.

Account Opening Requirements:

To open a Freelancer Digital Account, freelancers need to complete the digital account opening process through HBL’s webpage. They will be required to provide their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) front and back images, and geo-location must be enabled for verification purposes. It’s important to note that the account will have monthly and daily debit and credit limits in place.

The introduction of HBL’s Freelancer Digital Account brings great convenience and efficiency to freelancers in Pakistan. With features like Payoneer integration, multiple currency account options, debit cards, and exciting discounts, this account empowers freelancers to manage their finances effectively. By streamlining transactions and providing a range of benefits, HBL is supporting the growth and success of freelancers in Pakistan.

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