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Travelling from Dubai to Fujairah will take 50 Mins on Etihad Rail

The UAE’s national railway system, known as Etihad Rail, was formed in June 2009 in accordance with Federal Law No. 2 to oversee the planning, building, and management of the country’s freight and passenger rail system.

Through strategic measures designed to support socio-economic growth and diversification in the UAE, the project intends to connect the country’s major centers of commerce, industry, and population. The railway network will be standard gauge and primarily double track, with freight trains capable of traveling at up to 120 km/h (75 mph) and passenger trains capable of 200 km/h (120 mph).

Here is what Ahmed Al Musawa, Executive Director of the Passenger Services Sector at Etihad Rail, said when What’s On asked him about travel times between the emirates.

Ahmed Al Musawa: Train passenger services will make it possible for consumers to organize their trips more effectively between the emirates and cities, greatly cutting down on travel time.

Fujairah can be reached from Dubai in 50 minutes.

Travel time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is around 50 minutes.

Fujairah can be reached from Abu Dhabi in 100 minutes.

After leaving Abu Dhabi Will take 70 minutes to go to Ruwais

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