Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Now iPhone Users Can Send Original Quality Photos, Videos As Documents On WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature specifically for iPhone users known as “send as a document.” This feature is designed to enhance the way photos and videos are shared on the platform, allowing users to send these media files as documents while maintaining their original quality.

To utilize this new capability, users can follow a simple process. When in a chat, they need to open the share sheet, choose the “Document” option, and then select “Choose Photo or Video.” This feature aims to provide users with more flexibility and control over how they share media content within their conversations. The update implementing this feature is expected to roll out gradually to all iPhone users over the next few weeks.

Additionally, WhatsApp is making strides in enhancing its administrative functionalities. The platform has submitted an update for iPhone users, and among its features is the ability for channel owners to invite new administrators.

This update introduces advanced administrative controls, allowing for more efficient management and delegation of responsibilities within group settings. This move is geared towards providing a more robust and user-friendly experience for those in charge of overseeing WhatsApp groups.

IThese updates signify WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to refine and expand its features, catering to the preferences and needs of its user base, particularly on iOS devices.

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