Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Now Pakistani Businessmen Can Get UAE Visa in Just One Day

The opening of the UAE’s largest visa center in Asia at the Karachi Consulate has brought immense joy to the FPCCI President, Suleman Chawla. Furthermore, he considers this accomplishment to be a milestone, strengthening the bond between Pakistan and the UAE. Chawla believes the expedited visa process will attract Pakistani businessmen, and investors to the UAE. He is confident it will boost business ventures and tourism opportunities.

In acknowledging the Consul General of UAE in Karachi, Bakheet Ateeq AlRemeithi, Chawla extends his gratitude for playing a proactive role in supporting the Pakistani business community. Moreover, AlRemeithi has proven himself to be instrumental in fostering growth and collaboration between the two nations. His efforts have strengthen business relations, promoted trade, and established joint ventures, solidifying Pakistan-UAE ties.

The Vice President of FPCCI, Shabbir Mansha, underlines the critical role played by the UAE as a market for skilled and semi-skilled Pakistani workers. He also highlights its substantial contribution to Pakistan’s workers’ remittances. Mansha sees strong UAE ties as important for Pakistan to fortify foreign exchange reserves and create employment opportunities. It also safeguards against potential balance of payments crises.

With the introduction of a swift visa issuance process, AlRemeithi reiterates his commitment to further strengthening business ties and promoting collaborative efforts in trade, joint ventures, and tourism between Pakistan and the UAE.

This recent achievement signifies a remarkable stride forward in deepening bilateral relations between the two nations. Moreover, by facilitating easier UAE access, this development will fuel economic growth and enhance Pakistan-UAE cooperation.

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