Saturday, June 15, 2024

Now Pakistani Expats in UAE Can Buy Gifts for Family on Botim App

Pakistani expats living in the UAE can now easily buy gifts for their loved ones back home using the Botim app. This is made possible through a partnership between Astra Tech, the parent company of Botim, and JW Holdings, the owner of Ruba Digital (RD), an online retail company.

The collaboration will integrate RD into Botim’s e-store, allowing UAE users to purchase gifts that will be delivered in Pakistan through RD’s network of over 150 outlets across 130 cities. Additionally, Pakistani expats can use Shariah-compliant financing options for up to 12 instalments.

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, expressed how this partnership simplifies the lives of Pakistani expats in the UAE, making it easy to buy and send items to their friends and family in Pakistan.

Users outside the UAE can also use Botim to buy consumer electronics from RD for delivery in Pakistan, but the Shariah-compliant financing option is currently only available to UAE users.

Muhammad Javed Afridi, CEO of JW Holdings, expressed excitement about the venture, stating that Pakistani expats can now easily connect with their loved ones and send gifts through the Botim app.

Apart from sending gifts, Pakistani expats, like others worldwide, can also use BOTIM to send money to their home countries.

Botim 3.0, launched in May, aims to become an all-inclusive digital platform for users, integrating fintech, e-commerce, GPT, and communications into a single user experience.

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