Sunday, July 14, 2024

Now Pakistanis Can Travel to 30+ Countries Without Visa

Excellent news for Pakistani tourists! More than 30 countries now accept Pakistani passport holders without a visa or with access upon arrival, thanks to agreements that Pakistan has inked with several nations.

The action is a part of the government’s initiatives to promote tourism and improve relations with other countries.

Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many other nations don’t require visas from bearers of Pakistani passports. Now, Pakistani nationals can travel there for leisure, business, or study without dealing with the trouble of obtaining a permit.

As more visitors and investors visit the nation, the programme is anticipated to favour Pakistan’s economy. The government expects this to promote economic growth and job prospects throughout the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed appreciation to the nations that have lowered their visa requirements for citizens of Pakistan, stressing that it will deepen bilateral ties and foster intercultural exchanges.

Travellers from Pakistan are recommended to confirm the most current visa rules and regulations of the nations they intend to visit, as visa requirements can change regularly.

For Pakistani travellers, who can now explore new locations without worrying about visa restrictions, it is an exciting moment as more and more nations are opening their doors to travellers from Pakistan.

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