Monday, October 2, 2023

Now Pakistanis Can Visit these 2 Countries on a Single Visa

Oman and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement on implementing a joint visit visa.The introduction of a coordinated tourism visa between the two countries was one of several measures agreed upon during a high-level meeting between the authorities of both nations.

Saudi Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khatib and his Omani counterpart, Salim Al-Mahrouqi, discussed various aspects of tourism cooperation, including the exchange of tourism calendars and facilitating seasonal travel between the two countries.

The ministers also discussed promoting trade and investment in the tourism sector, supporting business individuals involved in the industry, and implementing joint tourism programs with a focus on camping and adventure tourism. The shared objective of these initiatives is to attract international tourists, as well as citizens of both countries and GCC nations, through united tourist visas, seasonal flights, and a coordinated tourism calendar.

The emphasis of these collaborative efforts is to boost investment in the tourism sector, support entrepreneurs, and implement the practical guidelines for tourism set by the GCC leaders in December. Minister Al-Khatib expressed his gratitude to his Omani counterpart for the invitation and highlighted the exchange of ideas and initiation of joint tourism initiatives during his visit to Oman, including a visit to the National Museum.

He emphasized that the efforts are aimed at promoting training and human capital development in the tourism sector, which was previously agreed upon by the GCC leaders in November, encompassing areas such as promotion, marketing, tourism action plans, regulations, air links, and seasonal flights. Minister Al-Mahrouqi expressed his appreciation for the positive response to the invitation and thanked for supervising the efforts to align and coordinate various initiatives discussed during the visit, ensuring their implementation to benefit the tourism sector as intended.

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