Monday, June 17, 2024

Now Travel from Pakistan to Bahrain in Just Rs. 35,000

Travelers can now take advantage of an incredible offer from Pakistan PIA to fly from Bahrain to Islamabad for just 48 BHD. This budget-friendly fare includes a generous 50kg baggage allowance, making it perfect for all your travel needs, whether you’re moving goods, visiting family, or simply taking a trip.

PIA is well-known for its reliable and convenient service, and this latest offer adds significant value for its passengers. The direct flights between Bahrain and Islamabad not only save time but also ensure a comfortable journey with ample baggage space, which is a considerable benefit for travelers carrying multiple items or heavy luggage.

To book your ticket or to get more information, you can visit the PIA website at The booking process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience. For those who prefer to speak directly with a representative, PIA’s 24/7 helpline is available at 021-111-786-786, providing round-the-clock assistance and support for any queries or booking needs.

The direct flights are priced at 48 BHD plus tax, making them an economical choice for travelers. With up to 50kg of free baggage allowance, passengers can pack everything they need without worrying about extra costs for excess luggage. This is particularly beneficial for those traveling with gifts, personal belongings, or even business materials.

This offer by PIA demonstrates their commitment to providing affordable and high-quality service to their passengers. The airline’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in this generous baggage allowance and competitive pricing.

If you’re planning a trip from Bahrain to Islamabad, now is the perfect time to book your flight with PIA. Take advantage of this special offer and enjoy a smooth, cost-effective journey with ample baggage space. Whether for business or leisure, PIA’s direct flights offer the convenience and affordability that travelers need.

For more details and booking information, visit the PIA website or call their 24/7 helpline.

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