Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Now You Can Buy Honda CB 150F on Easy Monthly Installments at 0% Markup

Calling all Honda fans in Pakistan! Exciting news awaits. The much-loved Honda CB 150F 2023 and its special edition counterpart, the Honda CB 150F SE, now come with new prices that reflect the current market conditions. Let’s dive into these updated prices and see what they mean for all the motorcycle enthusiasts out there.

Introduction to Honda CB 150F: Since its launch in 2017, the Honda CB 150F has won hearts for its modern design, setting it apart from models like CD 70 and CG 125.

Key Technical Details: Under the hood, the Honda CB 150F 2023 carries a 149.2 cm³ 4-stroke SOHC air-cooled engine with a balancer, producing 11.5 horsepower. Its 5-speed constant mesh transmission adds to its dynamic performance. This bike comes with a self-start feature and a 13-liter fuel tank. While minor design tweaks happen yearly, the core specifications have remained consistent.

New Prices for Honda CB 150F: The latest prices for the Honda CB 150F 2023 and the Honda CB 150F SE are as follows:

  • Honda CB 150F Price in PKR 2023: PKR 493,900
  • Honda CB 150F SE Price in PKR: PKR 497,900

These updated prices reflect today’s economic conditions and any changes in currency values since their initial launch. For those who prefer paying in installments, MCB Bank Limited offers flexible plans ranging from 3 to 36 months. The fantastic 0% markup for up to 6 months is still in place, making these motorcycles even more accessible.

OptionStandard Variant (Rs.)Special Edition Variant (Rs.)
Total Price493,900497,900
3 Months Installment164,633165,967
6 Months Installment82,31782,983

Installment Plan for Honda CB 150F: According to Atlas Honda’s official website, MCB Bank Limited lets you enjoy an interest-free monthly installment plan for the Honda CB 150F. You can pick from up to 6 monthly payments of Rs. 82,317 for the regular version and Rs. 82,983 for the special edition. Both options benefit from zero markup. The exact installment amount might change based on any upfront payment made during plan enrollment.

With these updated prices, the Honda CB 150F 2023 and the Honda CB 150F SE continue to offer a blend of style and performance for motorcycle lovers in Pakistan. The refreshed prices, combined with the easy installment plan, make these bikes a tempting choice for anyone seeking a powerful and stylish ride on the road.

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