Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Now You Can Buy Honda CG 125 on Installments with 0% Markup with Bank Alfalah

Due to the decrease in the value of the local currency and import restrictions, all motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda Atlas, have raised the prices of their motorcycles. The prices of various models have been increased by significant amounts. Despite the repeated price hikes by companies, the demand for Honda motorcycles has not been affected.

One of Honda’s popular models is the Honda CG125, known for its sturdy construction and high resale value. Many people use the Honda CG 125 as their daily mode of transportation due to its powerful engine and good build quality, making it a popular choice in the market.

As the prices of all motorcycles, including the Honda CG 125, have gone up significantly, several companies have partnered with commercial banks to offer easy installment plans. People now have the option to purchase a Honda CG 125 on an installment plan with zero additional charges.

Honda has collaborated with Bank Alfalah and MCB to provide easy installment plans, and individuals can enjoy a zero markup option for up to 6 months.

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