Friday, December 1, 2023

Now you can Buy New Honda Civic Nearly Rs. 1 Crore after Price Hike

The prices of Honda Civic trims have been increased after the imposition of 25 percent sales tax.

The federal cabinet approved the Finance Supplementary Bill 2023 allowing increase in general sales tax to 25 percent and additional taxes on luxury items as part of the reforms related to the International Monetary Fund’s Ninth Review.

The uncertain economic situation and devaluation of local currency against dollar has compelled Honda Pakistan to increase the retail selling prices Honda Civic trims.

As it is almost certain that the government will apply 25% GST on 1400cc and above cars, we have calculated the estimated new prices of these vehicles.

Honda Civic RS Turbo 1.5L would cost Rs. 9,744,703 from Rs. 9,199,000. Here is the list of Honda cars for you. Honda’s crossover SUV, HR-V VTi-S, can cost to Rs. 7,837,924 from Rs. 7,399,000.

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