Thursday, July 25, 2024

Now You can Crack Passwords in Less than a Minute with this AI Tool

A new AI tool that can quickly hack passwords has been developed, raising questions about critical data security. PassGAN is the tool’s name, an artificial neural network that has been taught to create and guess passwords.

PassGAN creates new passwords that imitate existing patterns by analysing password trends and patterns using a machine learning algorithm. It is highly efficient at guessing passwords since it can swiftly cycle through billions of password combinations.

Although the programme was created to enhance password security, concerns have been expressed regarding the possibility of being utilised for nefarious purposes. PassGAN is a password-cracking tool that hackers and cybercriminals can use to rapidly and easily crack passwords and access sensitive data like financial information, private emails, and critical documents.

PassGAN’s creators have clarified that the programme should only be used for moral endeavours like assessing password security measures. However, they acknowledge the risk of the technology being misused.

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