Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Now You Can Create Your Digital Twin with This AI Tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) is experiencing a wave of innovation, with new and groundbreaking products emerging regularly. One recent example is ‘Personal AI,’ created by an entrepreneur named Suman Kanuganti. This AI tool aims to enable users to create digital twins of themselves.

The company behind Personal AI, based in New York, has developed the tool using its own personal language model system instead of relying on models from larger tech organizations. Unlike typical AI chatbots, Personal AI is not trained on internet data but on information provided by each individual user. This allows users to have conversations with a chatbot that has a personality and opinions similar to their own. It’s like talking to oneself!

Training the chatbot to be a person’s twin is a time-consuming process, and the AI chatbot continuously learns from the user, with the company assuring that all shared data remains private and owned by the user.

Personal AI also utilizes a ‘Memory Stack’ for training, which is a digital vault storing the user’s life experiences and everyday conversations. This helps the AI become more like the user and evolve over time.

Suman Kanuganti expressed Personal AI’s commitment to building ethical and unbiased AI that enhances human lives. Instead of relying on existing models, the company has developed its own personal language model called GGT-P, which learns from the user’s unique knowledge, memories, and experiences to create an AI that truly represents the individual user.

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