Saturday, July 13, 2024

Here’s How to Win Free Ticket of Fly Jinnah Airline

This Ramadan, one lucky winner can walk away with a free ticket of domestic flight in Pakistan for travelling and spend this Eid with your loved ones that too by Free Air Ticket.

What all you have to do is visit Fly Jinnah Facebook page and there is a display of a video of Aircraft which is puzzled. You need to take Screen Shot of the full Aircraft and send it to Fly Jinnah.

Lakson Group of Pakistan and Air Arabia Group of the United Arab Emirates jointly own and operate Fly Jinnah, also known as FJ. On November 1st, 2022, the airline began domestic flight operations.

The fourth private airline in Pakistan, Fly Jinnah (FJ), was founded to help the economy of the nation expand. HF is encouraging industries like tourism and hospitality while also creating new jobs. The Lakson Group is its sponsor. Most Pakistani residents own Lakson, a significant Pakistani organisation. Fly Jinnah Chairman Iqbal Ali Lakhani said that;

An airline located in Pakistan, Fly Jinnah is a joint venture between the Lakson group and the Air Arabia Group. Fly Jinnah focuses on offering customers comfort, reliability, and value-for-money air travel. Fly Jinnah provide the most legroom in economy since our cabin interiors are furnished with top-notch comfort seats.

Here is the Facebook link:

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