Saturday, December 2, 2023

Now You Can Get Professional Driving Permit Instantly in Dubai, Here’s How

In Dubai, people applying for a professional driving permit won’t have to wait for 24 hours anymore; they can now get it instantly online, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

This change is part of RTA’s plan to make things faster and digital. It will benefit taxi drivers, luxury car drivers, and school bus drivers. Here’s how to get the permit:

  1. The company you work for applies for the permit on the RTA website and pays the fee.
  2. You, the driver, need to install the Dubai Drive app on your smart device and complete the pre-registration on the app.
  3. Once your company finishes the application, you will instantly get the digital permit through the RTA-Dubai Drive app on your smartphone.

This change is meant to make things easier for people and save them time and effort. You can now get your permit quickly and digitally using your smartphone.

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