Sunday, October 1, 2023

Now You Can Officially Use WhatsApp on Smartwatches

WhatsApp has released its official app for smartwatches that use Wear OS. This means you can now use WhatsApp on all smartwatches running Wear OS 3. Before this stable release, there was a beta version available for some time.

With this app, you can start new chats, reply to messages using text or voice, use emojis, and even answer calls directly from your smartwatch. If your Wear OS 3 smartwatch has its own mobile data connection, you can use all these features without needing your phone nearby or connected to the watch.

The timing of this release is interesting because it happened just a week before Samsung’s big Unpacked event. During this event, Samsung is expected to reveal new Wear OS smartwatches, like the Galaxy Watch 6 series. It’s unsure if this timing is just a coincidence or if there’s a connection.

In addition to WhatsApp, other major apps are also adding support for smartwatches. For example, Spotify announced that it will introduce new features for its Wear OS app later in the year. These upcoming features are expected to bring more options and improve the experience of using third-party apps on Google’s wearable platform.

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