Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Now You Can Travel From Dubai to Pakistan in Just 350 Dirhams

Great news for people planning to travel from the UAE to Pakistan! SereneAir is offering an incredible deal with flight prices starting at only Rs 29,000. This offer lasts until September 30th and includes an extra bonus of 10 kg additional baggage allowance. For those picking the regular economy class, the allowed checked baggage has been raised from 40 kg to 50 kg, and prices begin at 350 AED.

SereneAir has even more exciting things planned. They’ve used their social media to inform everyone about special flights from the UAE to Pakistan, and they’ve made the deal even better by providing travelers with more space for their luggage. On August 30th, they have a special flight from Dubai to Islamabad, starting at just AED 300.

This deal is an amazing way for travelers to reach their destinations without spending too much money, and they can bring along more of their belongings as well.

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