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Now You Can Work in Saudi Arabia without Work Permit, Here are the Details!

Saudi Arabia has recently implemented a new initiative aimed at simplifying the process of hiring temporary workers in the country. According to Gulf News, a labor portal, Saudi Arabia has introduced a temporary work visa that allows holders to work for up to three months without the need for a work permit or residency, and it can be extended for an additional three months. This move is expected to facilitate business operations for enterprises in the country.

Instant Issuance of Electronic Visa through Qiwa

The temporary work visa can be issued instantly through Qiwa, an electronic platform that provides access to various services in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development sector, without the need for any documents. The visa is electronic and valid for entry within one year in the country, making it a convenient option for businesses looking to hire temporary workers quickly.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the temporary work visa, the enterprise must be active and have a valid commercial registration, except for activities that do not require commercial registration. Additionally, the enterprise should not have any expired work permits under the same unified number, and there should be sufficient credit in the National Unified Number in Absher account for enterprises.

Aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Economic Development Goals

The introduction of this temporary work visa is expected to streamline the hiring process for temporary workers in Saudi Arabia. Previously, businesses had to go through the cumbersome process of obtaining a work permit and residency for temporary workers, which could be time-consuming and bureaucratic. With the new visa scheme, businesses can hire temporary workers more efficiently and without the need for extensive documentation.

This initiative is in line with Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to modernize its labor market and attract foreign investment. By simplifying the process of hiring temporary workers, businesses in Saudi Arabia can enjoy increased flexibility and agility in their operations, which can contribute to economic growth and development.

Note: Temporary Work Visa for Short-Term Employment

It is worth noting that this temporary work visa is intended for short-term employment and does not grant permanent residency or citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It is designed to meet the temporary labor needs of businesses and provide a more efficient and streamlined process for hiring temporary workers.

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