Saturday, July 20, 2024

Nvidia Loses World’s Most-Valuable Company Spot to Microsoft

Nvidia, once considered the world’s most valuable company, lost its top position to Microsoft on June 20th. This shift occurred after Nvidia’s shares fell by nearly 3.4%, causing its market value to drop to $3.34 trillion.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s market cap slipped to $3.30 trillion, positioning it ahead of Nvidia. Apple also remains a strong contender, holding the third position with a market value of $3.22 trillion, despite a 2.2% decline in its shares.

The competition for the top spot in market capitalization continues to be closely contested among Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple. Although Nvidia’s stock has performed exceptionally well this year, almost tripling in value, investor Paul Wick from Seligman Investments recently reduced his holdings, expressing more cautious optimism about its future prospects.

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