Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Official: Sigma Motorsports to Launch a Hybrid Car in Pakistan

Four weeks ago, Pakistani auto blogs announced that a subcompact hybrid hatchback will be launched in Pakistan by Sigma Motorsports, a Lahore-based motorcycle dealership dealing in imported bikes. On their Facebook page, the car dealer recently confirmed the news:

“Sigma Motorsports has announced that the vehicle will be fitted with a hybrid powertrain consisting of a petrol engine and an electric motor, and will be equipped with a solar roof that will provide the electric motor with additional energy.”

A few pictures of the vehicle appeared on the internet about a month ago, and while they do not disclose significant details, it is clear that the vehicle can be a small hatchback.

No information has been disclosed about the performance, features and price of the hybrid, but it was reported to be released soon at the time of the initial teaser.

Although there are a few hatchbacks available in the market, customers look forward to more variety in this segment and in order to be a strong competitor in the local car market, the hybrid car seems to have the essential elements.

It is interesting that the price tags in our market are significant influencers of people’s purchase decisions. It is yet to be seen if Sigma Motorsports will be able to capitalize on the market trend or not.

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