Monday, April 15, 2024

Official: Vivo Has Started Manufacturing Smartphones in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Chinese tech giant Vivo has officially started manufacturing smartphones. The company has announced its first batch of smartphones manufactured in Pakistan, but we are yet to see the smartphones they will be.

Vivo has also disclosed some of the key highlights of its production of Vivo smartphones in Pakistan. Currently, there is a demand for 32 million phones in Pakistan and a total of $1 billion in spending on imports.

Vivo has a total of 29 PTA certified installations at the time of writing, of which 17 are operational and 3 of them are smartphone assemblers. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) have obtained these figures.

The firm has also teased that more brands will soon follow suit, but no brands have been named. We have heard reports previously about Oppo and Samsung looking to develop local production in the country, but there is no official news on that as of yet.

In Pakistan, smartphones have always been overpriced, but after this growth we can finally expect to see smartphones costing the same as their official prices. We anticipate to hear more from Vivo, soon.

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