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Olive Oil Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Olive oil with Pros and Cons

Olive oil has been appreciated and admired by people for thousands of years. Olive oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree is one of the healthiest oils to consume. Depending on its purity, it comes in a variety of grades and qualities. Extra Virgin oil is one of the finest and best grade oil available. However, the olive oil price in Pakistan is mostly determined by the brands and the quantity available.

Moreover, choosing the best olive oil is critical. Olive oil comes in three different grades: refined, virgin, and extra virgin.

Olive Oil Brands in Pakistan

There are various olive oil brands available in Pakistan, including virgin, non-virgin, and pure olive oil. In Pakistan, the most popular olive oil brands include

  • Borges
  • Zaitoon
  • Mundial
  • Sasso
  • Italia
  • Dalda

Best Olive Oil in Pakistan

Let’s discuss the best olive oil brands in Pakistan.

1.      Mundial Olive Oil

It is a Spanish product that is imported and has numerous health benefits. Mundial is a fast-growing corporation in Pakistan that specializes in oils. Mundial is a pure and extra virgin olive oil that smells fresh and possesses the fragrance of olive fruit extracts. Olives have a sour flavor, similar to fresh olives, and the Mundial olive oil has that acidic flavor, indicating that it is pure.

 Mundial Olive Oil


  • It is enriched with vitamins
  • It helps to reduce blood pressure 
  • This oil is also helpful in reducing joint pain
  • It helps in maintaining a healthy body
  • It also reduces the risk of certain cancers in the human body.


  • It may lower the blood sugar level.
  • Sometimes people don’t like the taste of olive oil in salad dressing
  • It may cause some allergies in your respiratory system 

Mundial Olive oil price in Pakistan

Even though it is of the finest and best quality, Mundial olive oil has an affordable price range in Pakistan.

2.      Sasso Olive Oil

Oils from the Sasso Company are not only of the highest quality, but they are also reasonably priced. Sasso olive oil is made from only the best olives and is completely natural. Sasso Cooking Olive Oil imparts a delicious olive flavor to your food. It is beneficial to a healthy diet and is highly recommended by doctors.

Sasso Olive Oil


  • Sasso olive oils are available in a wide range as cooking oil, hair oil, and massage oil.
  • It can reduce the complexities of Type 2 diabetes. 
  • It is also very beneficial for cancer patients.
  • This oil is also helpful to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • It can cure skin problems.


  • It may cause obesity as it is high in calories.

Sasso Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

The Sasso olive oil brand is a reputable one with prices that are mid-range in Pakistan. 

3.      Italia Olive Oil

Olive oils are one of Italia’s most popular products in Pakistan, out of many offerings. The company produces high-quality, top-grade unprocessed olive oil extracted from olive fruits without using any chemicals or heat.

Italia Olive Oil

Three types of oils are available in the premium Italia Olive Oil category:

  • Baby oil        
  • Hair oil
  • Massage oil


  • It reduces dandruff, making hair strong and shiny.
  • This oil is great for the skin
  • It reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes


  • Overconsumption may lead to obesity

Italia Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

Italia olive oils are budget-friendly and help in maintaining the health of the body.

4.      Borges Olive Oil

Borges is a Spanish food firm that specializes in creating high-quality olive oil. You can use this oil to fry meals, making for a low-calorie meal option. Borges olive oils are also good for skin and hair since they include Vitamin E, minerals, and antioxidants. It treats damaged hair and makes them strong and shiny. You can also use olive oil as a makeup remover and cleanser.

Borges Olive Oil price in Pakistan


  • It reduces signs of aging.
  • Olive oil can also be used as a skin moisturizer.
  • Olive oil is also used to treat split ends and helps in hair growth
  • It relieves constipation
  • It provides strength to the bones


  • It may cause rashes to the baby skin

Borges Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

Borges Olive Oil is available in Pakistan at a reasonable price.

5.      Dalda Olive Oil

Dalda Foods is a well-known brand in Pakistan, with a long history of providing high-quality products. Many people in Pakistan are switching to healthier eating habits, and Dalda Olive Oil is the finest option. Dalda Olive Oil is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle.

Dalda Olive oil is made from natural, high-quality olives imported from Spain. If you want to live a more natural lifestyle, this is the ideal option. Because it is cholesterol-free, Dalda Olive Oil is often used for cooking meals for those with heart disease.

Dalda Olive Oil


  • It has no odor of its own
  • It controls diabetes
  • Olive oil helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • It adds flavor to food
  • It reduces hypertension


  • May cause obesity
  • Only available for cooking purposes

Extra Virgin Olive oil for cooking purposes

The highest quality olive oil is extra virgin olive oil because it is unprocessed. The extra virgin label indicates that it is devoid of odor and flavor flaws and processed without the use of chemicals or heat. Mechanically or cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is used in all cases. It gives you a fun way to make wonderful food while also adding to the appeal of your kitchen. You may also sprinkle the oil over salads to enhance their flavor. Extra-virgin olive oil is nutritious and safe cooking oil when compared to other cooking oils.

Olive oil for hair growth

People have said that olive oil gives gloss, volume, smoothness, and strength to the hair for ancient times. By permeating the hair follicle and retaining moisture, olive oil can soften and thicken hair. Furthermore, your hair feels healthy and smooth after a massage with olive oil.

Benefits of Olive oil

Olive oil is high in good fats and antioxidants, which have been shown to provide various health benefits. Olive oil has a plethora of health advantages. We are not wrong if we claim that olive oil is a secret to good health. Following are the olive oil benefits:

  • It protects against heart disease
  • It helps to combat autoimmune inflammation
  • Olive oil is a good source of Vitamin E and K
  • It balances blood sugar levels and improves insulin resistance.
  • Olive oil has shown potential for helping to reduce and prevent split ends.
  • It is keto-friendly.
  • Olive oil may work to promote healthy hair growth.

Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

The following table indicates the price of olive oil in Pakistan:

Olive Oil (1000ml)Price in Pakistan (PKR)
  Mundial Olive Oil  PKR 1,550
  Sasso Olive Oil  PKR 2,250
  Italia Olive Oil  PKR 1,395
  Borges Olive Oil  PKR 1,849
  Dalda Olive Oil  PKR 1,535


To summarize, it’s all about the olive oil price in Pakistan. Olive oil is commonly regarded as one of the healthiest oils on the planet. Overall, olive oil is the greatest option if you want to keep yourself healthy. It is vitamin-rich, soothes physical discomfort, promotes hair development, and hydrates the skin. Overall, it is regarded as the world’s best oil.

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