Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Oman Launches World’s Longest Zipline

Oman Adventure Centre, located in the Musandam Governorate, will open to the public on Wednesday with the aim of boosting tourism in Oman. One of the main attractions at the centre is the world’s longest zipline, stretching over 1,800 meters. The zipline project, operated by LEOS, a specialist operator for adventure and entertainment projects, offers visitors a unique and thrilling experience.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism in Oman is focused on developing key tourist destinations, particularly in the Musandam governorate. As part of this effort, hiking and mountain biking trails are being created, complete with informative and safety signboards.

The zipline project underwent rigorous testing, including over 2,000 experiments, to ensure it meets the highest safety and quality standards. Visitors can enjoy the zipline from 9AM to 4PM on weekdays, weekends, and official holidays.

Overall, the Oman Adventure Centre and its world’s longest zipline aim to provide diverse and exciting tourism experiences for visitors, contributing to the growth of tourism in the country.

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