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NTN Verification – Complete Guide to Verify National Tax Number Online in 2022

National Tax Number (NTN) verification is a duty of every earning citizen. The NTN reference number is issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The article presents a complete guide to ntn verification.

FBR generates a National Tax Number/Reference number by online ntn verification for an individual, Association of people, and companies to pay their taxes on time to the Federal Board of Revenue. However, tax is compulsory only when your salary falls within the taxable amount set by FBR, i.e., 6 lacs/year.

If you are eligible to pay the tax, you must have the NTN. The non-registered members need to pay an increased tax amount on property or vehicle transactions, or vehicles. The employers of salaried people generate their NTN from FBR, and then the person has to file the tax returns with the federal board of Revenue.

NTN verification can be done at Regional Tax Office or online NTN verification through the FBR web portal. The NTN certificate issued by the FBR consists of a reference number considered an NTN number.

These days, the FBR department has made it quite simple to obtain your NTN number in Pakistan, as well as to check your NTN number and to obtain an NTN application form, all while sitting at home.Furthermore, the FBR has ruled out a further extension of the deadline for filing income tax forms. It has, however, enabled the chief commissions to accept requests for extensions after the deadline has passed.

About NTN

The procedure of verifying an online NTN from the Federal Board of Revenue is known as online NTN verification. Depending on your need to validate online NTN, you can perform online NTN verification for a variety of reasons. The main grounds for substantiating online NTN are to confirm the Sole Proprietorship trade of anyone and to verify your individual NTN using your CNIC number.

For online NTN Verification, there are several elements to consider: CNIC, Passport Quantity, Corporation Registration Number, and Sales Tax Registration Quantity. You can also perform an online FBR NTN verification for businesses if you have a company registration option. ntn registration online verification can take anywhere from 2 to a few days to complete.

In addition to all applications submitted through the portal, online NTN will be applied manually. Check to see if you’re already enrolled in the FBR NTN log before applying for online NTN.FBR can enroll someone in online NTN; however, the individual who is being enrolled in online NTN is notified. The primary responsibility of the NTN holder is to file Federal Board of Revenue Earnings Tax returns on time.

Types of NTN

Personal NTN

This kind is established by the FBR’s online NTN verification system and is issued on the person’s CNIC i.e ntn verification by cnic.

Association of individuals

Individuals who are affiliated with each other can use this type of online NTN. Individual affiliation is defined as a three-person alliance. It is printed on the AOP’s registration certificates and verified using the FBR’s online strn ntn verification system.


The partnering firm receives this type of internet NTN. It’s printed on the Partnership agency’s registration certificates and can also be validated using FBR online NTN Verification system.

Company’s NTN

This form of online NTN is available to the business. It is printed on registration certificates provided by Pakistan’s Securities and Trade Fee, and it is also validated through the FBR’s online NTN verification facility.

NTN Registration Online

NTN registration can be done online with the following required documents. Follow the steps given below for registration at FBR’s official website. Arrange the following documents beforehand.

  • Copy of CNIC.
  • Copy of electricity bill of your house which is paid.
  • Copy of the latest pay slip.
  • Email address and contact numbers.
  • The NTN of your employer, email address, and office address.

Follow the steps guide below to get an NTN certificate.

Step 1: Open FBR and Iris portal

Open the official website of FBR and click on the Iris Portal. A window will appear with many options.

FBR and Iris portal

Step 2: Choose Registration Option

If you are an unregistered person, click on the option in the top center. If you are already a registered NTN person, you can get enrolled at the Iris portal for the e-submission of your income tax returns. Click on the option at the top left.

Registration Option

Step 3: NTN Registration Form

Enter the CNIC number in the space provided. Choose the appropriate prefix from the drop-down menu. Enter the first, middle, and last names in the space provided.

Enter the cellular phone service provider from the drop-down menu and then enter the Mobile number in the format (00923xxxxxxxxx). Confirm your mobile number again.

Enter your Email address in the required field and confirm it again.

Enter the Captcha code and click on the submit button. The user will receive 2 security codes from FBR on email and mobile. Put the codes in the required field and press submit. You will receive the login ID (CNIC) and a password at your email or mobile number.

NTN Registration Form

Step 4: Iris Portal login

Your account has been successfully created on the Iris portal FBR. With the provided Id and password, log in to the Iris portal. Find the ‘Draft’ option on the left side and press on the “Registration.”

Iris Portal login

Step 5: The 181 form

Open the 181 forms and click on the option of edit. The information already presented in the ‘Personal tab’ is uploaded automatically from NADRA by FBR.

In the ‘Accounting Period Form,’ choose the date and then press the Property option from the form. Choose the correct type of property from the drop-down menu. Now choose the form of property from the drop-down menu.

Enter the Area of the Measurement unit and Area (optional). Enter the compulsory information of unit no, Area, street, etc.

Enter the city where your property is present. Complete the options of Capacity and percent share and hit Ok. The entered property will be attached to the form.

Press on the Business tab and enter all your business information. Enter your exact business name. Enter the Acquisition date, which is the starting date of your business. Tell me about the capacity in which you own the business. Enter the Business activities as well.

After putting in all the information, click on the Ok button and go to the Link tab.

181 form

Step 6: Add Attachments

The link tab is to add up the employer/legal representative information. Add the attachments required for business, paid electricity and utility bills, and other documents.

Attachments Options

Step 7: Successful Creation of the NTN Certificate.

Press the submit button. You have now successfully created your NTN certificate. Adding your NTN number, you will have to pay less tax than non-registered members.

NTN Certificate

Online NTN Verification in Pakistan

In Pakistan, obtaining an online NTN verification is pretty simple. You only need to go to the FBR’s website. On the left-hand side of the website, you’ll notice the ‘Online Services’ tab. Select ‘Online Verification Portal’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to the website for online verification services. Go to the NTN/STRN Inquiry tab on the website. You will be directed to the following page:

Choose NTN in the parameter box to get your online NTN verification. Fill in your National Tax Number without the dashes in the ‘Registration No.’ box. If you selected CNIC in the parameter box, then type your CNIC in the registration form – without the dashes. Now all you have to do is enter the captcha and click the Verify button, and you’re done! The following information will be provided to you:

  • STRN
  • Name
  • Personal details (including cell number, email address and postal address)
  • Date on which you registered as a taxpayer
  • Tax office
  • Status of registration

This is also called the online STRN verification or online verification for sales tax.

How to Access Online Verification Services through FBR’S Tax Asaan App

Tax Asaan is a smart mobile app that offers some of the same functions as the IRIS web app. The Federal Board of Revenue currently offers a variety of verification services to taxpayers (FBR). You can now view the Active Taxpayers’ List and make an NTN Inquiry or an online STRN Inquiry through the FBR’s Tax Asaan App, in addition to making e-payments or going through the simplified procedure of sales tax registration for enterprises.

You can also check the status of the Exemption Certificate and the CPR Utilization. Let’s get started on how to use the Tax Asaan App’s online verification services for taxpayers.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the new Tax Asaan App from the Federal Board of Revenue, which is transforming Pakistan’s tax system. The government is also taking steps to modernise the process of filing tax returns with the Tax Asaan App, which will provide taxpayers with on-the-go access to e-returns.

FBR’s Tax Asaan App is available on the Google Play Store. Open the Tax Asaan application. The main menu will appear. You must first sign into your account before proceeding to the main menu. After logging in, select the Verification Tab to reveal a drop-down menu with the following sub-options.

  • Active Taxpayer List (ATL)
  • Online NTN/STRN Inquiry
  • Exemption Certificate
  • Notices and Orders Verification
  • Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) Utilization Status

How to Verify your name in the Active Taxpayer’s list (ATL) after Filing Income Tax Returns

Checking your taxpayer status is now much easier. With the click of a mouse, the status of taxpayers may now be verified. To use the Tax Asaan App’s online verification services, go to the Active Taxpayer List tab and click on it.

The user is taken to the ATL verification page. Without leaving any spaces or using any dashes, enter the Registration Number, which is the 7-digit National Tax Number or NTN. Alternatively, you can type your CNIC Number without any dashes. By clicking on the calendar icon, you can select a certain date. To check your taxpayer status, click the Verify button.

How to get Online NTN/STRN Inquiry VIA Tax Asaan App

You can find out everything you need to know about your National Tax Number (NTN), Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN), Computerized National Identity Card Number (CNIC), and even your passport number.

To use the Tax Asaan App’s online verification services, go to the Verification Tab and select Online NTN/STRN Inquiry. If you want information on your CNIC, type in your CNIC number. When you click the Verify button, you’ll see all of the information about your CNIC, including your name, address, and the date it was issued.

How to get Information about Exemption certificates VIA Tax Asaan App

The specifics of any tax exemptions you’ve received from FBR are also available on the app. All you have to do now is go to the Verification Link and click on the Exemption Certificates tab. You will be redirected to the appropriate landing page by the smart programme. Fill in the blanks with the ‘Bar Code Reference.’ To acquire all of the information, use the verify button. You will receive information such as your name, registration number, tax year, exemption certificate section, date of issuance, and whether or not it is still valid.

How to get Notices/Orders Information VIA Tax Asaan App

Follow these methods to receive all kinds of information for any notices or orders issued by FBR. The user will be taken to the appropriate page after clicking the Notices and Orders Verification Tab under the Verification button. In the field provided, type the Order Reference Number. After that, click the Verify button. On the screen, you’ll see all of the details and status of the provided notice.

How to get computerized payment Receipt I.E CPR Utilization status VIA Tax Asaan App

The online verification capabilities provided by the Tax Asaan App are also intended to verify whether the CPR mentioned was used to pay any taxes. This is how you may find out if CPR is still working. It’s also known as the CPR verification through FBR.

Under the Verification Tab, select Computerized Utilization Status. The app will be forwarded to the appropriate page. Enter the CPR number in the supplied field. The CPR Utilization Status will appear when you click the verify button. So, if you have claimed your Sales Tax Computerized Payment Receipt (ST-CPR), it will appear as in the image above.

Duties of NTN holder

All people with NTN certificates have to file income tax returns every year on the dates provided by FBR. The last date is usually 30th September or December.

Benefits of getting An NTN

  • Obtaining an NTN entitles you to file income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • By displaying his National Tax Number, a businessperson might gain a variety of advantages.
  • Those with an NTN number are seen as more trustworthy.
  • It also demonstrates that you pay your taxes on time and are patriotic to your country.
  • You can join several society clubs as an elite member by displaying your NTN.
  • You can also use your NTN to participate in government auctions and negotiate contracts with the government.
  • Members of chambers of commerce and industry can join if they have an NTN.
  • Foreign visas are easy to obtain for those who pay their taxes on time and have a valid NTN.

Taxes and fees are an important source of public revenue for governments, allowing them to pay investments in human resources, infrastructure, and the provision of services to citizens and enterprises. When you register your NTN number, you become a taxpayer. The current administration is also harsh on non-taxpayers. By registering, you put yourself in the limelight for the perks and advantages that the majority of taxpayers are entitled to.

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