Monday, October 2, 2023

Only 398 Candidates Passed CSS Exams from OVER 13,000 Candidates

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has announced the results of the CSS (Central Superior Services) exam for the year 2023. This highly competitive exam attracts a large number of candidates aspiring to join Pakistan’s civil services.

Here are some key statistics related to the CSS exam results for 2023:

  1. Total Applicants: A staggering 28,024 candidates applied to take the CSS exam. This reflects the significant interest and ambition among individuals who wish to pursue a career in Pakistan’s civil services.
  2. Exam Participants: Out of the total applicants, 13,008 candidates appeared for the CSS exam. This indicates that not all applicants who initially applied ended up taking the examination.
  3. Successful Candidates: The FPSC has reported that only 398 candidates successfully passed the examination. This number represents those who achieved the necessary scores and qualifications to move forward in the CSS selection process.
  4. Success Rate: The success rate for the written portion of the CSS exam was notably low, standing at approximately 3.06 percent. This figure is calculated by considering the number of candidates who passed the written examination relative to the total number of candidates who participated in the written portion.

The CSS exam is known for its rigorous and competitive nature. It is divided into various written papers and interviews, with candidates tested on a wide range of subjects and skills. Success in the CSS exam is a significant achievement, as it opens doors to a career in Pakistan’s civil services, allowing individuals to serve the nation in various administrative and leadership roles.

The low success rate highlights the challenging nature of the CSS exam and the dedication and preparation required to excel in it. Candidates who do succeed in this examination demonstrate a high level of knowledge, skills, and commitment to public service, making them well-suited for roles in Pakistan’s civil services.

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