Thursday, September 21, 2023

Over 10 Million People Sign Up for Threads Within 7 Hours of Launch

Within 7 hours of launch, Threads gained more than 10 million sign-ups developing a major competition for Twitter. Threads has been launched by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a rival app to Elon Musk’s Twitter made quite a breakthrough upon its launch.

Threads went live in 100 countries both in Apple and Android App stores. Popular celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as well as notable media outlets like The Washington Post and The Economist signed up on the platform. The app was initially running without any ads.

Mark Zuckerberg kept engaging with the users as well during the launch offering playful banter with MMA fighter Jon Jones. He also shared the famous Spiderman meme on his twitter account in a veiled reference to Elon Musk reflecting the similarities between the two platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg while expressing his vision for the Threads, stated that he wanted to develop an app for public conversation having more than 1 billion users. With such a strong start, Threads might actualize the vision of Mark Zuckerberg fast.

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