Friday, December 1, 2023

Over 2 Million Pakistani Children Unable to Access School Since Floods

According to the report shared recently, in Pakistan more than 2 million children are unable to access school since the most devastating flood occurred in the history of Pakistan destroyed around 27,000 school.

UNICEF’s Global Director of Education Robert Jenkins, upon returning from flood-affected areas in Pakistan stated, “Almost overnight, millions of Pakistan’s children lost family members, homes, safety, and their education, under the most traumatic circumstances.”

“Now, faced with the uncertainty of when they’ll be able to return to school, and having already endured some of the world’s longest school closures due to the pandemic, they are experiencing yet another threat to their future.”, He stated further.

It’s been 2 months since the havoc flood effected large areas of Pakistan. Only the roofs of school buildings are visible in some of flood affected areas.

UNICEF stated in a press release that it is estimated that it would take weeks, even months before the flood waters completely subside.

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