Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Over 26 Million Children Out of School in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently grappling with a substantial challenge regarding the crisis of children being out of school, as highlighted in a recently unveiled analysis report by the Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE).

The report signals a significant rise in the number of children not attending school, jumping from 22.02 million to 26.21 million.

The severity of the education accessibility issue is underscored in a preliminary teaser, with more detailed insights scheduled to be disclosed on Monday.

The PIE’s Pakistan Education Statistics Report 2021-22 draws attention to the alarming reality of 26.2 million children being out of school in the country.

This emphasizes the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to tackle this concerning problem, emphasizing the importance of addressing barriers that hinder children from accessing education.

The forthcoming detailed report is expected to shed more light on the specific challenges and potential measures to mitigate the crisis of out-of-school children in Pakistan.

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