Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Over 50% of Men Beaten Up by Their Wives: Report

The Al-Aqsar Studies Center in Egypt recently conducted a survey on domestic violence, revealing troubling statistics. The survey indicates that more than 50 percent of Egyptian husbands physically assault their wives. Shockingly, the study also highlights an increasing trend of violence by wives towards their husbands, with 56.6 percent of married husbands experiencing spousal violence.

One interesting finding from the survey is that uneducated wives tend to exhibit higher levels of violence towards their husbands. The report shows that 87 percent of illiterate wives display more aggression compared to those who are educated. Moreover, the survey report suggests that 5.63 percent of wives use knives during violent incidents, and around one third of the wives do not express remorse for their actions.

These statistics bring attention to the widespread issue of domestic violence in Egyptian households. It underscores the urgent need for awareness, education, and intervention to address this concerning problem.

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