Monday, July 15, 2024

Overseas Pakistanis Sent Rs. 1.7 Trillion to Homeland in 3.5 Years Through Roshan Digital Account

With the help of various remittance channels, Pakistanis living abroad have made a significant contribution to the economy of their homeland. Roshan Digital Account, which was launched by the State Bank of Pakistan in September 2020, is the most recent addition to these channels.

In just 3.5 years, it has been reported that Pakistanis living abroad have sent a staggering Rs. 1.7 trillion to their country via Roshan Digital Accounts.

The State Bank of Pakistan has thanked Pakistanis living abroad for their confidence and assistance in this new effort.

The Roshan Digital Account has not only made it simpler for foreigners to handle their money in Pakistan, but it has also significantly helped to strengthen the nation’s economy. It is a step in the direction of a Pakistan that is more financially and digitally inclusive.

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