Tuesday, March 5, 2024

PAF cadet becomes the first-ever international trainee to receive the “Sword of Honour” at Australian Defense Force Academy

You’ve probably seen the famous Ehd-e-Wafa drama series where Saad was one of the main characters, he tries his best and wins the prestigious Sword of Honour to make his father proud. You could not have skipped the emotional scene where the Sword of Honour lecture is given to Gulzar, so you know just how esteemed this award is.

In the graduation parade of the 34th class of the Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA), Canberra, Australia, Abdullah Younas, a pilot officer (PLT OFF) originally from the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Academy, received the Sword of Honour, making the Nation proud. The ceremony was held on Sunday, 06 December 2020, where the award for the excellent overall performance was granted to Abdullah.

He comes from Islamabad and entered the PAF from PAF College Lower Topa after completing his Higher Secondary School Education (HSSC). Owing to his outstanding success at the PAF Academy, he was chosen for ADFA. He held various roles throughout his tenure and received several awards.

Canberra, the High Commission for Pakistan writes, “For all Pakistanis, his achievement is indeed an honour. We applaud him for his success and wish him good luck for his future efforts. Zindabad Pakistan.”

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